Forget Gurus… Your Experiences Are The ONLY Ones That Count.

Part 13 in the "Mental Fitness for Futures Traders" Series
by Norman Hallett, former CTA/Trader

You read about the Gurus of trading. There's a group of them that started with their last few dollars and ran it up to millions because of a simple strategy they can teach you.

There's another group of Gurus that claim hard work, long study and signing up for their newsletter will lead you to where you want to go.

All Gurus want you to "learn from their mistakes." They ask, "Why should you make all the mistakes I've made, when you can benefit from my experience?"

Now being somewhat of a Guru myself, I thing there IS a certain truth to this query, but not the way you probably think.

Other trader's experiences can make you aware of what to expect as you embark upon your trading. Knowing what to expect should translate into having less "blindside" occurrences.

However, when you come across the forewarned learning experience, emotions will come up. These emotional situations (fear, over confidence, freezing) are up to YOU to handle.

Here, if your going to be a successful trader, is where the learning takes place… in dealing with your emotions so that you can follow your trading plan. If you blow the situation, your supposed learn from it and go on.

And learn from it, you must... or even the best trading system won't save you from doom.

Your Mental Toughness is going to be the key to whether you make it or break it as a trader. I know of two MAJOR things that you can do to develop your Mental Toughness for trading.

The first is to keep a Journal. I know that sounds like work, and who wants more paperwork at the end of the trading day?

However, soon after you force yourself to start writing down your day's trading experiences, you will see the power of the technique. It becomes the place where you will be honest with yourself.

You'll find after just a week or so of keeping a Journal of your trading experiences, mistakes and all… especially mistakes… that when you are confronted with a trading situation that you blew before… in the back of your head you'll knowing that if you do the same stupid thing again you're going to have to report it to yourself in your Journal… THAT will give you the strength to "do the right thing."

That's the power of keeping a Journal.

There's a guy named Andrew Kryvenchuk, and he offers a free "Trader's Notebook Magazine & Journal." He's made it simple for traders to keep a Journal. He emails you twice a week with Journal-keeping tips along with new pages for your Journal.

It's a brilliant concept. I take advantage of it and you should too… Trader's Notebook & Magazine

It's a resource that I don't think anyone else will tell you about because Andrew kind of hides in the corner of the Web. He's a soft-spoken Canadian trader that makes it easy for you (and me) to keep the all-important, self-analysis tool...the Journal.

The other way to get Mentally Tough is to train your mind with as much intention as you test and run your trading system. The only tool that I know of that effectively and efficiently does that is Trading Mind Software, which my company produces.

You'll see the link to Trading Mind Software at the end of this article. Although it may sound self-serving to invite you to try Trading Mind Software, I don't have a choice. There is nowhere else to get mental training unless you pay the big bucks to see a psychologist.

Mental Toughness is my business.

Make it part of yours.

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